Does the ROCK Pi 4B support connection to PC directly via an Ethernet Cable?

Hello everyone,
I was using Raspberry Pi SBC to connect to PC directly via an Ethernet cable. it works fine, both PC and the RaspPi can assign their own IP addresses.
When switching to ROCK Pi 4B, it does not work as expected. Only the PC assigns its IP address, the ROCK Pi does not.
I’m not familiar with the Ethernet Communication, but I know that when connecting two PCs directly, a cross-cable must be used. is it the same case for ROCK Pi? If Yes, why does RaspPi doesn’t need it?

I’m a newbies here. it would be greatly appreciated if any suggestions.


Updated: Actually the ROCK Pi does support the Ethernet direct connection. I set static IP to the ROCK Pi and then it works. so it turns out to be a “Software” issue, maybe something relevant to DHCP.

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