Does SPI flash contain u-boot?

On some single board computers, SPI flash contains petitboot or u-boot.

According to schematics, Rock Pi S also has SPI flash. Does SPI flash on Rock Pi S also contain u-boot? If it doesn’t, what is SPI flash for?

SPI flash is (usually) just big enough storage (storage like any other) to cover all boot stages and can load kernel directly. If you are lucky that u-boot have drivers for network, PCI and other peripherals … you can also boot from there.

However most of the single board computers comes without SPI but most of them do supports it. In some cases you can also add a flash on your own - to the PCB or via header. seems unaware of SPI flash. doesn’t mention SPI flash at all while does.

Does Rock Pi S actually have SPI flash for u-boot?

No. ROCK Pi S doesn’t have spi flash on board. Some model has SD NAND flash on board.

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