Does rknn toolkit support conv3d for pytorch?

Does rknn support conv3d for pytorch?

If it does, what would be the rknn.config? same as conv2d as below?

rknn.config(channel_mean_value=‘123.675 116.28 103.53 58.395’, reorder_channel=‘0 1 2’)

I have a network with the following export_pytorch_model() :

 def export_pytorch_model():
	#net = models.resnet18(pretrained=True)
	net = create_squeezenet3d_ssd3d_lite(len(class_names), is_test=False) 
	trace_model = torch.jit.trace(net, torch.Tensor(1,3,2,180,360))'./')

It loads the original pytorch model successfully, but when rknn try to load_pytorch the ./ as below:

input_size_list = [[3,2,180,360]] #for conv3d input [C,D,H,W]

ret = rknn.load_pytorch(model=model, input_size_list=input_size_list)

it failed with following error message:

–> config model
loading: ./models/saved/r14-sq3d-ssd3d-lite-Epoch-2280-Loss-3.2486252784729004.pth
–> Loading model
./ ********************
W Channels(360) of input node: input.4 > 128, mean/std values will be set to default 0/1.
W Please do pre-processing manually before inference.
E convolution output_padding only suport [0,0] for now, but meet [0,0]
W ----------------Warning(2)----------------
E Catch exception when loading pytorch model: ./!
E Traceback (most recent call last):
E File “rknn/api/”, line 339, in rknn.api.rknn_base.RKNNBase.load_pytorch
E File “rknn/base/RKNNlib/”, line 146, in rknn.base.RKNNlib.RK_nn.RKnn.load_pytorch
E File “rknn/base/RKNNlib/app/importer/”, line 128, in
E File “rknn/base/RKNNlib/converter/”, line 2255, in rknn.base.RKNNlib.converter.convert_pytorch_new.convert_pytorch.load
E File “rknn/base/RKNNlib/converter/”, line 2370, in rknn.base.RKNNlib.converter.convert_pytorch_new.convert_pytorch.parse_nets
E File “rknn/base/RKNNlib/converter/”, line 2059, in rknn.base.RKNNlib.converter.convert_pytorch_new.PyTorchOpConverter.convert_operators
E File “rknn/base/RKNNlib/converter/”, line 648, in rknn.base.RKNNlib.converter.convert_pytorch_new.PyTorchOpConverter.convolution
E File “rknn/api/”, line 312, in rknn.api.rknn_log.RKNNLog.e
E ValueError: convolution output_padding only suport [0,0] for now, but meet [0,0]
Load pytorch model failed!

Question: how could I print out layer by layer from rknn to check where does the error occur? or fundamentally rknn does not support conv3d, so no need to debug? Please help. Thanks a lot.