Does Radxa have any Mac compatibility?

Is Radxa compatible with Mac computers? The wiki guide does not seem to be working. Running

autoreconf -i

Creates a lot of errors and seems to have done so since a year back with no official solution?

“error: ‘sprintf’ is deprecated: This function is provided for compatibility reasons only. Due to security concerns inherent in the design of sprintf(3), it is highly recommended that you use snprintf(3) instead. [-Werror,-Wdeprecated-declarations]
sprintf(szText, “Erase System partition total %lld, current %lld”, totalValue, currentValue);”

For the open source rkdeveloptool, Mac is compatible. Check the wiki page:

Except following those directions creates exactly those errors on an M1 Mac. I’ve been unable to find a fix.

Yimmy, it’s quite literally says intel in name of flash tool.

Maybe you shall use virtualization instead of trying to compile something on non x86 while that intended to be compiled on x86?

Dante, the title says “Part three: rkdeveloptool on macOS(Intel & Apple Silicon)”

Which taking us to the next point.
The used system calls inside repo simple outdated and requires older versions of dependent packages

Use virtualization with ubuntu 18.04 for example

Btw, in regards to errors in parent post - it’s quite literally first link of google

I was really disappointed when some guy in a store persuaded me to buy a Radxa instead of a RaspberryPI and I had to spend a lot of hours reading up on sprintf and how to bypass the warnings that made it impossible to install rkdeveloptool. After a silly amount of time I gave up and asked a dev friend, he put in an hour or two to help me rewrite the package so it could be bypassed, it seems to be working for now.

Long story short, I’d recommend anyone with a Mac to avoid buying Radxa unless they have a super specific reason not to do so.

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Completely agree !

There is a simple solution that can be found in a couple of minutes in the list of issues in the repository. Just remove the parameter "-Werror"in the file Everything works on Intel Mac Sonoma.