Does radxa have a future?

I wanted to by my first raspberry pi (zero 2 w) and was planning to make a portable mini PC under 100$ and discovered the radxa series due to shortage. I would much rather buy a radxa zero if it would have nearly as much support as the raspberry pi does. To me Radxa seems like it can have big potential and a good competitor to the pi. The only thing it is missing is a bigger community and support. I would buy a 4gb for $50 but do not want to give up on the project and waste my money.

They’ve been around for a while, and aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Pardon me if I’m rude, but I think the question is a bit shameless. Radxa’s future is like its present, try to survive and develop on a very competitive market.

Talking about community, here we are ! You won’t get the millions you’ll find on the RPi environment, but I can witness it’s active in here.

Try and buy a Zero2W if you can find one in stock then.
Likely you will not, so future is looking good.

Very interesting topic. Let’s come back and check it years later.


They sell it in my country usually in kits for about $40-$45 at approved retailers. One of the retailers claimed a single unit will be available mid-octeber for $15 but since updated it to “0 in storage”.

That strange as in the UK where raspberry is based those kits sold out not much after release last year.

Due to the fallout with Raspberry and RS, Farnell has taken that position and they display the length of time for a back order and currently its is “Available to manufacturer lead time of 373 days”

There has been near zero maker stock of a Pi models for over a year apart from some CM units, Pi 400 & Pico as Raspberry have completely prioritised their commercial market.
I know this because since I managed to get 2x PiZ2W I have been trying since with stock notifications everywhere and not a single one apart from stupid priced scalper products on ebay and even then those are only avail in tiny qty’s.

Raspberry has turned its back on the maker community.

This is one of the reasons why I prefer radxa, I do not trust Raspberry as much.