Documentation of extra pins

Many of the pins on the third board-to-board connector on the CM3 have functions which are obvious from the names, such as the GPIO, EDP, MIPI_DSI_TX0 / LVDS_TX0, HPL_OUT/HPR_OUT, SPKN_OUT/SPKP_OUT, USB2 and USB3, VCC_BAT-/VCC_BAT+, etc. Most of these seem to map directly to pin names in the RK3566 or RK817 datasheets.

However, I am unsure about the function of a few pins:

  • 14: PCIE_PWREN_H
  • 36: HP_DET_L
  • 64,66: MIC1_IN and MIC2_IN. (I assume these connect to MIC1N/MIC1P on the RK817?)
  • 92: N17778843
  • 94,96,98: Are the USB_5V_IN pins connected to the 5V_INPUT pins on connector 1?

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