Display on android pi has inverted colors

Hi guys, my name is Vahag, Im new in this forum.

Im coming from a Raspberry pi 3b+ because I needed something with more power to run Android at least with less lags.

Till now Im fascinated from this board but I have a Problem with my screen.

It works but not realy good. All colors are inverted. For example, black is pink and so on.

Any body know what could be the reason? Is there no config.txt or something similar to change the screen settings?

Its a round 800x800px display (3.4 inch).
I do have the display timings and some other code.
But that does only work with the raspberry good.
Dont know where to put them.
I have also touch drivers, but also dont f***ing know where to put them.

Please, can some one help me out so I can go on with my project.

Anyway thanks for reading and sorry for my bad english, its my 4th language xD

tryed now also this one: https://wiki.radxa.com/Rock/Hdmi_Resolution

Problem is I dont know how to export the kernel from the img file, we have to flash with etcher… :frowning:

No one here who can help me? I would even pay for it, if some one can modifixate the kernel for me.
Please guys im frustrated. I cant find the kernel to do it myself. :persevere:

Can you take a picture of the screen?
Also, do you have the LCD datasheet?
How do you connect the LCD to ROCK Pi 4.

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Hi Jack, I connect it via Hdmi, with an mipi to hdmi converter board.

In my gdrive you can find all files and datasheets:


Hi @jack, i found something. Tried the android tv version and it works. In the settings under display I found an option to choose between 8bit, auto and something else… Whem I change to 8 bit it works great. But this option is missing in the standard android version. Is there a way to change that setting with adb over PC?

I mean if its possible to change things like dpi???

Also another small offtopic question. Can I install Gapps with adb, by giving my rockpi temporary root and integrate gapps into system with something like titanium packup? Would that work? I mean why is there no recovery version android for this board… This is stupid :joy:

Does nobody have an Idea how too change that 8 bit thing on android 9 (not tv)