Disabled CS on SPI abd use GPIO instead

I work with Rockpie4C+ , to drive 2 SPI components .
the lib ioctl , use the default confifguration to write on bus SPI


Pin Numéro Nom Fonction SPI0
19 GPIO10 SPI0_MOSI (Master Out Slave In)
21 GPIO11 SPI0_MISO (Master In Slave Out)
23 GPIO9 SPI0_SCLK (Serial Clock)
24 GPIO8 SPI0_CE0 (Chip Select 0)

with rsetup , i have disabled the second SPI
i would like with SPI0 (/dev/spidev1.0) drive SPI CS with 2 gpio, one gpio for each components.

how can i disabled Default CS on SPI please

thank for your help