Disable WIFI / Bluetooth


Is there a Hardware Switch to Disable WIFI / Bluetooth ?

I can see some code examples for some distros just wondering if there is one standard way ?


This topic has been mentioned here:

Please read/search before posting.

Aside from that there is no hardware button/switch that you could use to do that.


Thanks Pebis

nmcli radio wifi off

So would there be something similar for LibreElec ?

On Rasp Pies you can always edit the Config txt is there something similar for Rock pi ?

If this command is set on BOOT … can I be 100% sure No wireless comms are in use … does it not start and then get disabled ???


You need to ask the right questions, to get right answers. If you are talking about LibreElec - no one knows it. It is not yet builded by Radxa Team for public.
Please edit the question then.

Rock Pi is not Raspberry Pi, so I wouldn’t expect the same approach.

There is always possibility that some app will turn on the radio communication.
What I propose is to search the Internet for the solutions.


LibreELEC to have terminal, so you can try this command via SSH or switch to terminal by “CTRL+ALT+F3”


And IMO it was answered incorrectly.
The question is how to DISABLE
simply telling it NOT to get an IP address is NOT disabling
As I suggested, Dont load the kernel module that controls the wifi by blacklisting the module.

For a ubuntu based distro add

    # Wireless Networking
    blacklist bcmdhd

To the file /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf

run this or similar command to edit it

sudo nano /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf


Isn’t nmcli disable selected interface? As least it stated in description


run iwconfig and you will see the OS is still very well aware of the wireless interface.
Blacklisting the module that controls it prevents it from communicating with anything.


Well, if you disable wifi in Windows - system will be too aware about device, but it will be inactive, i.e. it should not draw any power (and i guess that the only reason why you need to disable device, not just turn it off). But your method is indeed closer to shutdown module, which indeed more correct approach