DietPi on Radxa Zero

Just got DietPi running on my Radxa Zero 4gb ram, 16gb emmc. I flashed the Debian image to the EMMC then followed the instructions on the DietPi website for creating your own image. Basically just SSH into the fresh Debian install on the Zero and copy and paste to run the scripts.

Everything seems to work okay, so I figured I would share with y’all.


Dietpi is a script which doesn’t alter any hardware features. Which is both good and bad. Bugs and features present in Radxa Debian are present here as well. “everything” seems like overrated :wink:

Do yourself a favour and research what Dietpi actually does to the system. Do you really want to apply so many security hazards? Debian stock bugs are not enough? :slight_smile:

please provide your emmc image
i get error

I have a 1Gb Zero and tried the Dietpi installer multiple times and cannot get it to work. Can you tell me the options you selected with the script please? Here’s my post on the DietPi forum with the problems I’m experiencing.

Basically I also SSH into the Zero, but the OS is running off SD card since it doesn’t have EMMC. Script proceeds as normal to the point where it removes a “dbus” package and then freezes. SD card is unbootable at that point.

Are you able to update an SD-based install on your Zero? If so I would love a copy of your final image.