Did I recieve the right board? RockPI 4A 4Gb

Before I spend more time debugging this issue I just want to confirm that I’ve recieved the correct board.

The plastic box says
Art 158490
Rock Pi 4 Model A 4Gb (ohne WLAN… and so on)

This issue is that I’ve been trying out several distros they’re all only seeing 1Gb of RAM.

Looking at the board, there are two SK Hynix chips that says


I couldn’t find the exact partnumber but AVNET lists a similar part which would explain why I’m only seeing 1Gb of RAM. https://www.avnet.com/shop/emea/products/hynix/h9hcnnn4kumlhr-nme-3074457345634297783

As far as I can tell the PCB itself doesn’t seem to list amout of memory, just the “base model”.

The board is 1GB ram. How much did you pay it?

1124 SEK which is about 105 EUR

The plastic box didn’t seem to be tampered with, what would be the easiest course of action?

There’s also a sticker on the side of the box that says:
Product: ROCK Pi 4A

Not sure if that’s a label from a distributor or not.

Thanks for the prompt reply

Ask for an RMA and replace another real 4GB board for you, something is wrong definitely.

Thanks, will do!

Just a follow up, RMAed and got another board however (new packaging, seemingly untampered) with the same packaging issue. The box now says RADXA1906-B0996 otherwise it’s identical. Anyhow, I mailed Allnet’s German RMA department asking for some kind of verfication and/or information about how they label these boards (boxes) and I’ve recieved zero response (after a week). Let’s just say that I don’t have a very positive view for obvious reasons.

Sorry for the slow update due to going pandemic and other priorities so RMA time have expired by now.
This is mainly to inform others if they run into similar issues and I honestly doubt that Computersalg is to blame in this case.

What’s the ram chip silk screen this time?


Same as first board

SK Hynix

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