DHCP leases file for Hotspot mode (armbian-config)


I am testing the hotspot mode setting it up using armbian-config text menu. I am looking to see if any way of determining the actual IPv4 leases handed out. nmcli c lists the leases in machine code and they are in the /var/lib/NetworkManager folder - any suggestions as to how to get in useable format? I have also looked in var/lib/dhcp/ in the hopes there might be a log file - but nothing I can find.

Thanks for the response. This relates to the DHCP range setting and provides the range of addresses handed out - I am looking for a log giving me the actual addresses handed out. i.e etc. So if a wireless device is assigned an address - what is that address?

It has to be in dhcp server leases log for sure. Perhaps there are other tools to see this in some simple fashion. Don’t know.

I also thought it would be obvious. Have looked in dnsmasq, dhcp and networkmanager. At best I get this from network manager. Maybe someone could help with providing a way to convert to ipv4 addresses ?:
root@rockpi-s1:/var/lib/NetworkManager# ls *.lease

AP is provided by hostapd and dnsmasq is a dedicated service. None are related to Network manager. However its also possible to create an AP with Networkmanager but you are more limited. In any case, questions you have are generic, unrelated specifically to Armbian. You need to find a network expert …

Hopefully a network expert is reading the forums then. The questions are directly related to the Armbian implementation - lets try and find out if there is a log file somewhere. Typically it would be in DHCP folder but I am no expert - and hence post to the community.

You are asking for features that are no implemented in this tool. Implementation is done by a lower level 3rd party tools (that are community made - they have their own authors) and they are certainly leaving traces. Perhaps not by default and has to be enabled.

Thanks. Does anyone know if the 3rd party armbian integrated menu item (Hotspot) have an option to create a leases issued log - or if it does have one automatically - where we can find it?