Device Info in build.prop


I can see the Play Store on your ANDROID TV restricts a lot of APPS as incompatible with your device

After reading into this it may be fact that it is incompatible but more often than not its where App developers have listed Brands and as ROCK PI 4 is new and not a massive brand (Yet!!) I assume this is the issues

Can we change the “build.prop” and change the device details ?

How would I go about doing this ?

Can it be done via the settings direct on Android ?

Google AndroidTV App-store is limited on almost all devices since only a few developers create AndroidTV apps or don’t list them in the ATV store since they have to pay more.

People living outside the US can’t even use half the streaming apps in the ATV Store as they are all region locked.

You can use alternative app-stores like APKPure, Aptoide or Amazon’s App store apps and sideload them.

When Magisk rooted firmware is released, you’ll be able to spoof your device as another and more streaming apps should work that check root or Google Certified status but it won’t show more apps in the ATV store as there aren’t any more except Amazon Prime Video & Netflix which you need to sideload anyway.
What other apps are you missing, are they available in APKPure or Aptoide Stores?

avoided APK sites as worry about securty really … APKPure , does seem to get decent reviews online.

Might look at the Amazon apps option.

Its not for streaming as YOUTUBE is fine for my needs it for GAMES … with the remote keyboard/mouse/game pad i have most games even the touch ones would work ok on the TV but the playstore doesnt give me the option as per my device.