Debian VPN Server


Hello all together, I am probably will get me soon also an ROCK PI 4B, as I looked up in web its much more faster than the raspberry PI 3 what I am using now as an VPN server in Austria, I do not have much experiences at all with that system and I was happy I got it running finally.

So now my question with Rock PI is that the same way how to install VPN server or how that will work is it even working?

(OS Debian)

thanks guys!


I think ubuntu server will be slightly better forthis purpose, and in total there should be no difference, but if you sdcard you may wanna use Armbian from Radxa, because some users reports, that debian and ubuntu may freeze on some sd cards


As far as I know, there are few ways to solve your issue. First of all, you have to define for what purpose you will use that VPN service. Because for some personal needs usually some kind of free VeePN service is enough for not an advanced user.