Debian restart not working

Hi, I have official Debian on my radxa eMMC. I dont have usb keyboard. When radxa reached login screen, I tried to restart from right-upper corner options with mouse. Its shutsdown but not starting.

I have correction on Boot troubleshooting page.
sudo fastboot unlock -> sudo fastboot flashing unlock
sudo fastboot unlock_critical -> sudo fastboot flashing unlock_critical

But after this step, fastboot says fetch not supported by device (lsusb shows Google device).

I have corrected the Wiki with the 2 issues you found. Thank you!

As for the board not restarting, can you attach a serial console, and send us the log after you issue restart command please?

If you don’t have one on your hand, you can try wipe all 3 eMMC boot partitions according the Boot Troubleshooting page, and reinstall our official Debian image to eMMC. That should give you a clean state to check your issue.

Hi, you can use “systemctl reboot” command.