Debian OS Rock Pi 4 newby

I have installed the Debian image on a uSD card and have booted. It all looks good till I try to set things up.

I can change the screen resolution, but then it reverts to the startup default after screen time out. (even though I “Saved” the changes.

I can’t change the Time Zone. It says it is locked - click here, but then does nothing.
I can’t get sound from YouTube.
Users and Groups won’t let me change the password or create a new user. (I do know the default password)
I managed to install Synaptic Package Manager, but I had to research how to edit the start link because it didn’t work.

What am I missing?

I’m a Linux newbie, too. But, sounds like you don’t have su rights. Default username and password are:

But, linaro isn’t su by default. Many procedures still require sudo privileges.

Open volume control and enable HDMI output to fix your YouTube audio issue.

Support staff and folks here are very helpful. There’s also lots of info already posted. Bookmark the forum and make yourself comfortable. You’ll be spending a lot of time here, as I am.
Best of luck :slight_smile:

Thank you for your comments.

It seems to me that this Debian for the Rock Pi4 is not as refined as Raspian for Raspberry Pi.
To me it seems that the Debian “Desktop” gives a nice starting point, but is really just a nice way to get to a Terminal, and that any real functionality is only through Terminal commands.

Raspian has been around much longer, so it has outgrown most of it’s ‘teething pains’. One might even say that it is getting a little ‘long on the tooth’.
Rock Pi 4B is quite new, so the OS needs to ‘grow’ into the hardware. (just as I need to adjust to Linux command line)
Great collaboration and growth is happening here. If everyone keeps plugging away, the Rock Pi will be a great product.
Enjoy the journey :slight_smile:

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I was having issues with debian i flashed it to my sd card but when i boot it it goes straight to the desktop and the only thing you see is the trash icon can somebody give me a little help please.

AFAIK, that’s normal for debian. I’m wondering if your physical screen (hardware video controls) need adjusting so that the bottom part is visible. The apps and control panel are at the bottom of the desktop. Sometimes I have had to adjust my screen when an install is running to see the first couple of characters.