Debian or ubuntu with a matt desk?

As I had to remove the Debian 9 from the SSD, due to the configuration with the keyboard of Spain, I installed ubuntu server + mate , but it always gives a problem.
Debian takes almost 18 seconds to boot and ubuntu server + kill twice.
Is there any debian or ubntu with mate for Rock Pi 4

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How did you install mate? After the first start, do all system updates, then

sudo unminimize
sudo apt install tasksel
sudo tasksel

Select “Ubuntu MATE Desktop” and OK. When first time I use “apt install …” and did not use tasksel and I had a twice login.

sudo dpkg-reconfigure tzdata
sudo dpkg-reconfigure locales

The Russian language and keyboard were installed without problems.

The same way will work for Rockpi4

But Armbian will boot into SSD m. 2 nvme?

Faster and it comes with better support then “Debian”.

I made a video back then on a similar RK3399 device booting from NvME.

Chromium with vídeo aceleration?

On the video I don’t recall, but yes, of course. We are working on integration so it will be by default and with upgrades.

sorry, I meant chromium acceleration hardware