Debian Buster for 4C+


Hoping to get some assistance with this:

Hardware: ROCK 4C+

Trying to install some third party software that requires Debian Buster 10, I see that there is only Debian Bullseye available. Can anyone point me to an earlier version that works on the C+??

So the last one I see named buster is on page 3:

expand assets for the section dated 20220801-0152

Now there seem to be a lot of other places to look, like on the specific archives in various distributions’ pages, but i go to that first usually.

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try upgrading the distro with

sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade -y && sudo apt dist-upgrade -y
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Seems that the 3rd party software I am installing (3CX) requires a 32bit version of Buster, looking through the repositories I can only find 64bit versions.

Any ideas on where to find 32bit Buster for Rock 4C+?

In almost all cases you can run 32bit applications on 64bit userland. I think Armbian supports this by default, otherwise

If you need older images with actual kernel check build system.

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