Debian 2021.03.25

I have installed on a new sd card and booted it. Logs below.

Added rk339pro-spi-spidev to the overlays as per

A) how do I know if I U-booted from SPI/EMMC/SD?
B) Did I U-boot from from the SD?
C) how do I check what is in the SPI?
D) Ctrl-C or Space does not stop the U-Boot process

Details of the SPIdev and MTD.
root@rockpin10bc:/home/rock# ls -la /dev/spidev32766.0
crw------- 1 root root 153, 0 Apr 6 22:15 /dev/spidev32766.0
root@rockpin10bc:/home/rock# cat /proc/mtd
dev: size erasesize name
root@rockpin10bc:/home/rock# ls -la /dev/mtd*
ls: cannot access ‘/dev/mtd*’: No such file or directory

There is no spi flash on N10 because all N10 has on board eMMC. The boot priority is uSD -> eMMC, if there is bootable image in uSD, it will boot from uSD.

@jack - ok a little confused then:- these articles describe the SPI

SPI Nor Flash - One 4MB SPI Nor Flash is on board. Its power supply voltage is 1.8V.

RockpiN10/hardware/rockpiN10 - Radxa Wiki

RockpiN10/dev/usb-install - Radxa Wiki


I am sorry for the confusion. For the first batch, we did have SPI flash on board, but the SPI flash will occupy the SPI bus on the 40P GPIO header. Since we have eMMC, we just NC the SPI flash for the later shipping boards.