Debain rootfs build error

I was building debian rootfs for ROCK3A using the command given below from debian directory and met with an error “E: Architecture(s) arm64 not yet supported (FIXME)”. (I’m using live-build version : 3.0~a69-1)

$ RELEASE=bullseye TARGET=desktop ARCH=arm64 ./

Log obtained from above command is pasted below:
processing option: debian
rootfs dir .rootfs
=========Start building debian for arm64=========
Staring Download…
sudo lb clean --purge
[2022-10-17 00:35:30] lb clean --purge
P: Cleaning chroot
rm -f linaro-bullseye-alip-*
rm -rf config
I: create configuration
$(date +%Y%m%d-%H:%M) --linux-flavours none --linux-packages none --mode debian --security true --system normal --updates true
P: Considering defaults defined in /etc/live/build.conf
E: Architecture(s) arm64 not yet supported (FIXME)
ERROR: Running build_debian failed!
ERROR: exit code 1 from line 1204:

Anyone met this error before? Is there anything that I’m missing? Could some please help.

This issue is fixed now

what is the workaround ?