Data sheet and detailed docs missing from website

There is a place on the wiki to download the data sheet and other detailed design information but the information seems to be missing. Anyone know where I can find these docs?

Under datasheets.

  • Datasheet
    • [RK3588 datasheet]
    • [RK3588 S datasheet]
    • RK3588 TRM(Technical Reference Manual) [Part 1] and [Part 2]

The detail about RK3588(s)

  • [RK809] The PMIC
  • [RTL8211F] The ethernet phy
  • [IP2315] Charging IC with integrated input fast charge protocol
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Indeed seems to be not present on the radxa site!

I found the DS online tho
rk3588 DS
rk3588s DS

RK3588 datasheets are removed on Rockchip’s request, and we have to obtain these somewhere else.