Custom kernel build using radxa-repo/bsp


I made a custom board using CM3 so I’m trying to build kernel with my own device tree configuration that fits to my board and connected peripherals.
I followed instructions in and successfully built image using rbuild and kernel separately using bsp.
Then now I’m trying to add my own device tree and overlays to kernel source but wondering where I can get started.
How can I make bsp script to use my kernel source in my local machine?

please change BSP_GIT and BSP_BRANCH in fork.conf.

you may add/modify files in your kernel/bsp source tree. (example 1 2)

or, you may add a file as a patch in bsp source tree. (example 1)

I tried using local path (e.g., /home/bluera1n/kernel) in BSP_GIT but no luck. Maybe only git URL is acceptable?
And I just found “–no-prepare-source” option in bsp script, which tells allow building against locally modified repo. Does it mean that any modification to “.src/linux” will take effect?

ah, sorry, bsp was changed to use docker a while ago, local path (outside of bsp) cannot be accessed from container.


you may prepare .src/linux yourself e.g.

$ cd path/to/bsp
$ mkdir -p .src
$ git clone -b BRANCH /home/bluera1n/kernel .src/linux
$ (cd .src/linux && git pull) # just for FETCH_HEAD
$ ./bsp --no-prepare-source linux rk356x

Tested with your guide and confirmed working without any problem.
Thanks Naoki.