Cursor/pointer invisible after update

I updated my Rock 4C+ today, didn’t pay attention to which updates it was, but afterwards for some reason I cannot see the cursor/pointer anymore. The mouse is working, can highlight buttons, just no cursor/pointer is shown.
We have tried to increase the size, change the look, restart… nothing is working. What to do?

And I’m a noob as my son would say

I have the same problem, after update/upgrade mouse pointer disappears.

I still don’t know why the pointer disappears, but what is strange is, that sometimes it is there again, and then other times when I start the machine it is again missing. And restarts or similar doesn’t work :frowning:

It would seem the problem is associated with the upgrade of linux-image-5.10.110-1-rockchip from 92c0648fa to ebb43e636.

You can prevent this from being upgraded by: $ sudo apt-mark hold linux-image-$(uname -r) after a fresh install of the bullseye image. But this will mean that the kernel will never get updated until you unhold it.