CSI OV5640 Camera on Rock 3A

I want to use ov5640 on Rock 3a, I see here that the kernel supports ov5640 (https://wiki.radxa.com/Rock/Camera) .but after I connect ov5640 csi to Rock 3a and start it up, no device node /dev/video*…

Can someone tell me how to use ov5640 on Rock 3a?

ov5640 is not supported on 3A yet, we haven’t ported the driver yet.

Thank you for your reply. Which cameras are supported by 3A now? I can purchase them immediately for experiment.
Another question is how to use the MIPI camera on 3A? Do you have a tutorial? Unfortunately, I couldn’t find it. Can you give me some information to help? thank you

Thanks for reply @jack. Would you mind to please tell if is there any supported CSI to HDMI capture in the rock 3A? As users we may be able to purchase them, but we need to know which ones are supported.

Does Rock3A with android 11 support IMX219?