Cross Compiling Qt 5.15

Hello! Help me! We use Qt5.15 cross compile in our projects. How do we build Qt5.15, or another version for your ROCK3 cm? What version of the cross compiler should be used? What version of Qt5 to use? With what parameters to run the “configure” configuration program?

Hi, Balaton

What OS do you plan to use? If you are using Debian/Ubuntu, you don’t need to cross compile QT5, you just install QT5 from the Debian repository.

Is your application single window or multiple window? Do you need to run other desktop application at the same time?

Here is an tutorial:

Hi! Yes, there is Qt5 inside Ubuntu. But the processor performance is enough for a small GUI application. We have a large project and the processor freezes at the compilation stage. Therefore, we use a cross compiler. To do this, you need to build the Qt5 libraries on the PC for the normal compilation of our project. There have been many attempts to build different versions of Qt5 with aarch64…g++, also different versions. Was spent 10+ days for this. It would be nice to get help from you. We are now thinking of switching to your modules, but we cannot yet.

I have your problem, could you solve this?