Creation of Wifi access point with RadxaWirelessModuleA8

Hello Radxa community.
I am using a Radxa 3A with a radxa wifi module model A8 and Debian 11 as the operating system.

As the network card, it has two independent network cards (wlan0 and wlan1). I use wlan0 to connect to a router. But I want to use the wlan1 network card to create an AP (access point) to be able to connect to the rock and make some configurations in a web configuration menu.

The problem I have so far is that I can create the AP (access point), and I can see it on the Wifi networks, but when I try to connect it is not possible to establish the connection.
I have used two ways to create the AP and none of the three have worked for me so far.
Use the Debian tool (Network Connections) to create an AP as shown in the following figure.

The second method I used is to use the hostapd tool and create a configuration file and run it. sudo hostapd /etc/hostapd/hostapd.conf. This method creates the AP. but it doesn’t allow me to connect either.

I have worked with the Rock 3C and the Rock 4C+, managing to create the AP with ease, but this network card makes me think that it does not have this mode of operation.