Create an OS backup image to a usb

On Rockpi4b I have debian installed and now configured/customized after completing the install from the approved image. I would like to backup/image this in case I make an error … and don’t want to start from scratch.

On the raspberry pi distributions there is a utility called SD Card Copier, the command line is
env SUDO_ASKPASS=/usr/lib/piclone/ sudo -A dbus-launch piclone

Is there a similar set of commands to create an image file of the needed partitions, and size it to the minimum needed ? The goal would be that I could use this to reflash a drive with ‘my configuration’

Is there any difference if I have the operating configuration on a 1- an uSD , 2- on eMMC, or 3- on nvme ?

Yes, we have a similar tool,

It runs directly on Rockpi 4, which backs up your system, and the backup file size is the actual space used.

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There is no difference for image in uSD, eMMC or NVMe SSD. You can backup the image in uSD card and restore it to NVMe.