Could you provide a ubuntu server build instruction?

Hi community,
I’ve found there is an Debian build guide which is quite, I just wondering if you can also provide a ubuntu 18.04 server build guide since the img is alright available.


(any version) Ubuntu/Debian server with several bugs fixed. Normal, minimal or desktop version:

Hi igorp,
Thanks for the quick reply, The link you’ve provided is for Armbian, Do you know the guide for build Ubuntu.

That is by far the best (Ubuntu) build system what exist and have a direct support for hardware you are interested in. Official Ubuntu doesn’t provide nothing even close, have no support for exotics we are talking about here and have many bugs which are with Armbian version ironed out. Plus many optimisations for the hardware and extra drivers which will never landed to Ubuntu.

Your only alternative is random amateur copy/paste operation, board makers quick and dirty guides like the one for Debian. Just use Google:

So if you want to have “Ubuntu”, you have to start with this random untested/unsupported preview/experimental build guides, create your own build system, start with Yocto and make it totally from scratch … or use recommended way.

igorp. So armbian is an(debian/ubuntu) distro with better RK3399 support, isn’t it? I’ll give a try.

Kernel level features are worse case the same as official Radxa (Debian/Ubuntu/whatever) builds while everything else is better: build system, user space maturity, updating, download infrastructure, … Bugs, which are not ironed out anywhere (open source development!) are also present in Armbian.