Correct voltage input for rockpi 4G

I have rockpi 4G bought recently. I want to know what is the correct power input required for rockpi4G (the one with m2 slot. at bottom)

While I ssh my rockpi I have noticed that speed oscillates in a consistent pattern. So I am doubting that it maybe due to incorrect voltage beign fed to it.
I have 1 ssd connected to it via USB3 and 2 more hdd from Orico 3.0 docking hub to USB2. If I plug in 2 hdd to usb 3 , the rockpi shuts down power. and I need to unplug and make it boot.

Do you have an external power source for your hard drive?

for the Orico Dock I do have but not for the ssd connected to USB3.

What is 4G? My rockpi 4B with 256GB nvme SSD and 1Tb 2.5 HDD connected to usb3 trough adapter consume mainly 5-7W

at 00:00 and 11:00 I watched a HD movie that was recorded on the HDD. OS was LibreELEC working from SSD. At 15:00 I tested multi-boot script with various OS. All peak powers is a OS booting proccess.
p.s. This power supply.
p.p.s.Previously, when the HDD was not connected and I worked with ubuntu mate, the minimum power was ~ 3.5W when the OS was at minimum load

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We suggest 18w for the board and m2 ssd, if you connects external USB HDD, you should consider add 5W per port.

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Do you mean 5v 3amp adapter should work ?
sorry for late reply

USB-C supports a huge range of voltages. You can supply up to 20 Volts to the Type-C port.

Yes, 5V3A would do just fine, you can also use a higher amps rated adapter.

But, I would not recommend 5V for the Rock Pi 4 with external USB drives connected. You can use any QC 3.0 charger and preferably get yourself a Type-C PD adapter (highly suggested).