Correct temperature? De

Hi. Finally, I managed to put Rock pi 4b into operation, with an Armbian desk running from nvme, aluminum casing, with a plastic cover without holes (it came to me like this), which I solved by adding some plastic washers between the cover and the casing, which gives it a 2mm space to breathe.
That said, I can confirm that the average temperature of the computer with 3 flaps of the Chromium browser open for about after 15/20 minutes is 56º / 60º centigrade. I would like to know if it is an acceptable temperature, or if I am putting the equipment at risk. Thank you.

What’s the environment temperature? I think it’s normal if you are in (sub)tropical countries.

Hi. Thanks for answering. The ambient temperature here is 24º C. Here 2 photos of the equipment.

It’s a difficult question. The higher the temperature the lower he lifespan of the chip.
But that doesn’t mean it will quickly die when using hot.
I find it acceptable to run SBC’s at temperatures up to 75C. Most start throttling at 80C/85C.
They should be able to handle temperatures that high. They run inefficient of course when throttling since cores get clocked lower.
Some want their SoC at 40C with a huge heatsink and fan. I’m happy running it with the big black heatsink alone.
Only when I do heavy tasks for long I’ll use a fan with it.

Did you apply the heatsink compound correctly?

Hi. I did it following the youtube tutorial. Only a drop had to be placed. Less is more, he said, as I recall.

but one thing brought me calm. I have a raspberry pi constantly working as a server for more than a year, and I just notified myself that its operating temperature is 55 C without desktop.