Copy sd-card to emmc


I have copied the sd card to emmc using:
dd -if=/dev/mmcblk0 -bs=4M -conv=sync,noerror -of=/dev/mmclblk1
I’ve changed the the /boot on /dev/mmcblk1 to:
earlyprintk console=ttyFIQ0,1500000n8 rw root=/dev/mmcblk1p5 rootfstype=ext4 ini
t=/sbin/init rootwait

==> when removing the sd card and restart (with emmc only) the system doesn’t boot, what did I miss?



We suggest to download the gpt image for ROCK Pi 4 on sdcard and dd it to mmcblk1.


It is normally not recommended to make an image of online system. Beside open files which can change content any time you may write even filesystem errors. In this case, you can try to comment all lines in /etc/fstab file, and see if it works, but still there is no shadow copy as in Windows, so you may just write bad content to the target which stops you from booting the Pi. Also sizes of the media may be mismatched, so you may need to reduce last partition size and resize it once again after writing the image (just leave some MB/GB after last partition free).


Thank you very much, changeing /etc/fstab was the solution. :slight_smile: