Connecting to a new Rock Pi 4b headless with wifi

Hi, I recently made the switch from Raspberry pi to rock pi. On raspberry pi I could just add the WPA_Supplicant file to the boot folder on the SD card once I had written the img to it. I wrote the ubuntu server image to an sd card using etcher but when I put the sd card in my mac it doesnt appear in the finder or in the Volumes using terminal so there is no way to add the wifi and ssh details.

When inserting the sd card i get The disk you attached was not readable by this computer. Which is understandable becuase its linux and i am on mac but is there any way to see the drive to add the wifi config?

Am I doing something stupid. Sorry if this is a noob question but really eager to try it out and cant seem to find the solution in the wiki.

Thanks in advance!

just connect a monitor to Rock Pi, login and edit the file /etc/network/interfaces,add some configurations like these:

auto wlan0
iface wlan0 inet dhcp
wpa-ssid xxxx
wpa-psk xxxx

use the usb-to-ttl converter and CoolTerm to make the settings:

  1. connect usb-to-ttl cable to the GPIO pin6(GND)、pin8(TxD) and pin10(Rxd)
  2. set the serial settings like these on your CoolTerm and open a terminal
    baudrate: 1500000
    data bit: 8
    stop bit: 1
    parity : none
    flow control: none
  3. login and edit the file /etc/network/interfaces