Connect GPS on UART_AO_A

Has anyone had the experience of being able to use a GPS on this board in GPIO pin 8 and 10 (UART_AO_A_TXD, UART_AO_A_RXD)? when I have the GPS connected it does not boot, but if I disconnect it it boots and when I connect it it works perfectly…


Sounds like the u-boot console is on that UART and the device is interrupting the boot sequence. You could try the device on the other UART interface or disable the u-boot interrupt.

I have problems to enable another UART, the truth is that with Radxa it is not as versatile as I expected. Can you tell me how I can disable the u-boot interrupt?

I will try to do this…

I have problems with this last command “fastboot flash 0x200 /home/pol/fip/radxa-zero/u-boot.bin”, I don’t know if it’s because it’s directed to the eMMC and I use SD.
But I have writing error. I wanted to replace the file but it does not exist with that name in my operating system