Connect Arducam HQ Camera to ROCK5B

I’m have an Arducam HQ Camera that I’d like to connect to my ROCK5B. The problem is they of course use different cables. I designed an adapter to convert the pinout of the ROCK5B to the Arducam pinout. The Arducam HQ camera uses the same pinout as the RPi Zero (W) camera connector.

I would appreciate it if someone would take a look at my design to see if I made any mistakes.

If anyone wonders why I didn’t design an FPC cable instead, I did. But after a look at the PCBWAY flex PCB pricing I changed my mind.

FYI I used these resources to design it:

this could work with evrey pi camera

I still have to find a jumper cable though.
This one seems like it would work:

yeah it seems like it would work, i think the best would be to risk it and order the components and the pcb and asamle it try and correct any mistakes (if there are any)



Do you have plans to make it available assembled?
What about the driver and 3A?

I guess I could order a large batch of boards and sell them, but shipping is expensive from the Netherlands for consumers. Maybe even more expensive than people ordering a batch pre-assembled directly from JLCPCB.

I have no idea about the software yet.

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That’s what i thought about the shipping expenses.

I wouldn’t mind if someone experienced in high frequency signalling took a look at my design. I haven’t done any sort of trace length matching.

it can be a problem with pcie 3, 4 and 5 but i dont think csi is fast enguth

Just got my Rock 5B on hand, any updates on this project? I have an ArduCam 16MP AutoFocus Camera (which i am not sure whether it is 2-lane or 4-lane, but it should be using the same connector) but i will be interested in having an adapter or a cable to allow the 5B to work with these cameras (especially to get MIPI CSI in 4-lanes)

Someone with experience in high speed PCB design told me they’d do the CSI traces for me so I’m waiting for him.

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all pi cameras are 2 lanee as far as i know

oh cool that means a high quality design

Well yeah, but we are having ArduCam camera module which from the beginning of the post, his ArduCam HQ Camera seems claiming 4-lanes CSI.

is that even possible on a pi 4 because i always thought 2 lanes are for the csi connector and the other 2 lanes are unused

For the Pi 4, i guess they only have two lanes physically exposed to the CSI connector.

However, the Pi CM4 does supports 4-lanes CSI, just took a quick look on the Rock 5B’s schematic, it seems like we have a 30 pin (*it should be 31-pin 0.3mm pitch) CSI connector that expose all 4-lanes with two clock available (AN,AP,CAM0-CLK) and (BN,BP,CAM1-CLK).

So i am curious, does that means our rock 5B can support either 1x 4-lanes CSI Camera or 2x 2-lanes CSI Camera ? Would that means a Dual 4K Camera setup is possible ?

i knew that about the cm4 and it would be amazing to have 2x4k cameras for 3d or twin survailence cameras

does that means our rock 5B can support either 1x 4-lanes CSI Camera or 2x 2-lanes CSI Camera ? Would that means a Dual 4K Camera setup is possible ?

Yes, two 2-lanes camera is possible.

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You may want to check this one: