Configured Emulationstation + Retroarch on top or beside of Debian/Ubuntu

Hi all,

I’m searching for a pre-configured multiplatform emulator which I can run as an application on an existings Linux. I would prefer Emulationstation as frontend.

I know that’s possible to configure emulationstation manually, but before I would do that maybe somebody knows an out-of-the-box solution.

The reason for that is, because I want to ran a Debian/Ubuntu with GUI on the Rock PI which should act as a downloadserver and Plexserver.
if I could open or start a kind of emulatorpackage on the GUI, that would be the perfect addition.

Now I’m running the beta of recalbox, maybe it would be also possible on the other way round:
add all needed packages that i can start a Linux GUI and my download services as well as browser.

A third possible solution would be a multiboot system with recalbox and Debian/Ubuntu, but I found currently no toolkit to configure a bootmanager or multibootsystem

Thanks for your ideas!

Unfortunately i didn’t get great success of installing emulation station on top of armbian without many configs and broken parts.