Configuration utility?


You might consider adding a configuration utility similar to what the Raspberry Pi has.

Specifically, what I would like to do, without an advanced level of Linux system configuration skills, is:

  • change the default username and password
  • require the user to login with the password
  • change the timezone (to +8)
  • change the language (actually, I don’t need this, but many of your users 寫中文)
  • change the desktop manager (in my case, to xfce)
  • change the boot parameters (useful for debugging)
  • change overscan (if your monitor has alignment issues)

For the RPi see raspi-config ( and /boot/config.txt (e.g.

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I agree, such a configuration utility would be very useful.

I am wondering how to enable serial ports, SPI, I2C and more. I can’t yet find a configuration utility or instructions on how to do this.

  1. Make sure you have the latest kernel/dtb/overlay
  2. sudo vim /etc/hw_intfc.conf

Things you are looking for mostly there


There is an wiki page for enable/disable the SPI/I2C etc.