Compatible shields from raspberry

Hi there. Is anybody know the compatible shields that will work oob on radxa zero?

As I see radxa has pins that are not connected - 29, 31,33 to the gpio of the soc.

I have bought at least 4 screen shields from the waveshare: oled sh1106, st7735, st7788, eink 2.13

But no luck. No one doesn’t work.

The only one shield that is working fine is pisugar.
I have successfully connected it and install software.

The main problem with board is:
There are no software projects like wiring.pi, rpi.gpio, etc, that are suitable for radxa zero.

All available libs and drivers based on raspberry pi libs and hardwares.

So, my question is, why the developers who knows that they don’t invest much time(money) into the software support didn’t build board fully compatible with existing infrastructure.
I like hw and board size of radxa zero, but lack of drivers and projects do not allow me invest more in that project.

Currently, I bought 4 boards for me and my friends, but I can’t answer to the questions from them such as: bro we would like to build something interesting and its not the one more ‘tv box on abdroid’. Where is to buy compatible displays and drivers for them.

So I would ask you guys, can you share any info regarding the existing components and manual, how to connects and interoperate with it.

Thanks in advance.

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