Compatibility of RADXA eMMc 5.1 Memory Card with Rock Pi 5B

Hi everyone,

I’m planning to upgrade the storage capacity of my Rock Pi 5B board and I came across the RADXA eMMc 5.1 Memory Card for Rock 3A 4A/4B/4C+/5B on Amazon. It comes with an adapter and has a capacity of 128GB. However, before I make the purchase, I would like to confirm if it’s compatible with my Rock Pi 5B board.

Has anyone tried using this memory card with Rock Pi 5B? If yes, please share your experience and if it worked seamlessly or if there were any compatibility issues.

Any help and insights would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Any link to the product? But going by the description you mentioned, it states that it’s meant for 5B too.

All EMMCs with that connector should work fine in theory. There are differences in performance across memory chips but you can find benchmarks & stuff online.

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It should be compatible with Rock5 with no problems,
but adapter will not work on some pcie sd card reader like those found on dell or lenovo laptops,

BTW: how much they want for that card? I saw insane prices like $129 for 128GB, when few days ago announced NanoPC-T6 16GB/RAM comes with already included (soldered) 256GB eMMC for $159.

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here is the link. this is not affiliated in any way.

it says 14 days till shipping thou =\ but that is the one I was looking at.

As I said - eMMC will work with full speed, do You really want to spend same price as for whole board?

No I don’t reallywant to** but my project needs 128g of emmc storage. so you know lol

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sure :slight_smile: just prices of bigger eMMCs are insane :slight_smile:

You can get a really good and higher capacity M.2 SSD for that price.

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That is what I ended up going with for now. at least for testing thank you =)