CM5 - HDMI output on Pi CM4 IO Board

I have a CM5 8GB model, V2.21. I have it installed on the Raspberry Pi CM4 IO Board, and flashed the latest image from the downloads page to a microSD card. It boots fine, I can access it over the network via SSH… but there is no display output. I have tried booting with the HDMI monitor plugged into HDMI0 and HDMI1, neither gives me a display.

Is this a known issue with the current version of the board or the OS?

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Could you show us your dmesg? Maybe with grep -i hdmi?

Does yours blinks green ? Mine so far only blue I guess im not flashing this properly and yes Im still on the hdmi issue part.

Edit: Got mine working so… yeah

What is the link to the image you flashed?

Does anyone know if the Radxa CM 5 will work on other carrier boards like the WaveShare DM4-IO-WIRELESS-BASE? or will Radxa make their own carrier board?

Most likely it will the issue we are having is getting it to work with usb support from the emmc storage.
Its something radxa has it working on their recent updates images.

Cool - this is the edge compute node I would like to build and test, running a variant of Debian 12 called SolarNodeOS

I have the same issue.

Tried updating to the latest test image but that didn’t do anything.