CM5 general availability date and does Taco accept one?

Inquiring minds feed on information. Troll needs fed.


CM5 is expected be available in March. Taco will support CM5 at least with the pcie features.


Great news. Do you have a program where you send free samples to developers adding OS support?

If so @igorp might be able to suggest who to send one too for Armbian support. It looks like they have a 6.1.xx kernel build for the 5B

Perhaps you could test this Armbian build for 5B on the pre-production CM5?

Any news on the CM5?

@jack is the CM5 still going to happen? Or had it been abandoned.

CM5 is still under development, as you know, making such a powerful SoC into a small form factor while keep function compatible is really a challenge. We are working on the third revision for the CM5 now. The PVT version will be available soon.

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Any news on the current state of development? Did the 3rd revision pass testing for manufacturing in volume?


I’m also curious about this

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I also would like an update.

The first version of the CM5 + CM5 IO board is out but we did not manage to put the eMMC on it. Working on the V2 to add the eMMC. The CM5 PCB goes to 14 layers now…

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Where can I acquire such a cm5 without the emmc?

That is insane routing density, the pcb cost must be higher than the sbc form factors, even with only a fraction of the area.

Anyword on what OS and what boards would be compatible.

I’d be very interested in Running the CM5 on either the DeskPi Super 6 or the Turning Pi 2

Is there further update on it? New estimation on release date?

Also very keen for an update?

Still very keen on populating a bunch of tacos with these - does it look likely launch will be delayed far into 2024?

@jack we are all thrilled about the day CM5 comes out! Any news?

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