CM3I mechanical dimensions

I am working on designing the CM3I into one of our products. I need accurate locations of the 4 mounting holes, and the centers of the 4 100 pin connectors. I tried to get them from the component and solder side PCB views - but I am finding discrepancies in the locations. The locations are off by as much as .005" = .127mm comparing the 2 views. I have looked all over the web, have not seen a mechanical drawing anywhere.


Hi, @DaveT

You can check the CM3I IO board 2D of the connector location:

This file, IF I got the right one, does not have dimensions or locations of the centers of the connectors. I can try to find them by sketching in construction lines, and adding dimensions, but this is painfully slow, and nothing gives me certainty that the results will be correct.

Hi, @DaveT

I got your point now. We will fix this for you next week.

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That would be great. I have tried getting the locations from a couple different dxf files I found, but I find odd discrepancies. Like I would think the 4 mounting holes are arranged in a rectangular pattern, but at least one is slightly off. Similar with the 4 connectors. 3 I can believe, but one is slightly different, and When I measure the connectors on an actual board, the difference doesn’t show up…

Hi, @DaveT

We have uploaded the 3d of cm3i, you can download it here:

I think it can solve your problem.