CM3 with BIGTREETECH PI4B adapter

I managed to install debian bullseye on the radxa CM3 (D2E16W2) on the EMMC. I can see bluetooth, I can see USB, I can use HDMI with a wide screen, and the wired ethernet works just fine, but I cannot find a way to use it with wifi. any suggestion?

I’m trying to get my CM3 working on a BTT Pi4B too, but didn’t manage to boot it yet. Only tried via SD card though. Did you do anything special to get it running?

I lollowed this instructions:

also, at one point, you need to use 2 of the switches on the biqu board. fot them, I used the biqu manual and considered my CM3 as a raspberry pi CM4.
in detail, you need to use the SW RKDEVTOOL and load the bootloader

the RKDevTool is not easy to use, I tried different things (as in the manual) until I got it to work. what I intend to do is to try again and write down the precise steps to follow, as soon as I have a new board to flash (the first one is under test right now)

hope this help


Thank you for the reply! Looks like my problem lies somewhere else than, because I can’t even get my PC to recognize the CM4. Linux/RKDEVTOOL won’t list any IDs. Did you have to do anything special to make sure the board is powered on properly?