CM3 SODIMM Bootloader download fail


I have a CM3 SODIMM V1.2 16GB with a Waveshare Compute Module PoE IO Board

I cannot get the bootloader to download.
The RKDevTool (using Windows 10) detects the device in maskrom mode, but always returns “download boot fail”.

I’ve tried the 1.06, 1.10, and 1.12 bin files; RKDevTool v2.81, 2.86, 2.92; and running in admin mode, with the Driver Assistant V5 installed and USB appearing in Windows Device Manager.

The wiki page on the CM3 SODIMM claims that the software to use is the same as the standard CM3 board, and there is very little information on the SODIMM model apart from this single wiki page

Any help would be appreciated.

Got it working, it seems that the CM3S has to have been booted at least once without USB slave plugged in, after a power on without that cable on, then a reboot into maskrom mode, could successfully download the bootloader.

I still cannot get any computer (win, linux, mac) to even recognize that a usb device is attached. I notice that you’re using the Waveshare CM PoE IO board - is this the only adapter board you have? I only have a TuringPi1 and WDLabs SATAPi board to test, and neither one can work with any OS.

Worse, now neither board can recognize the RPi CM3 either now when I have used both boards previously to write the RPi CM3’s eMMC.

I finally got it recognized and successfully installed a debian image!