CM3 Power Requirements

Designing a professional product using the Rock CM3 compute module, we must provision adequate 5VDC power from a bespoke system regulator. Having conducted due diligence with stress-tests and thermals (etc), we are committed to using the CM3.

  • WiFi and Bluetooth will be permanently disabled by hard-wired pins.
  • Only using a single USB2.0 port to communicate with an external bespoke hub, with VBus power supplied separately.
  • Using HDMI for debug graphics.
  • Using network interface.
  • Primary boot from SD card, or eMMC in backup.
  • The ‘Third’ CM3 connector is unconnected/unused for electrical compatibility with RPi.

Assuming zero external load on the CM3 internal 3V3 regulator, what current should we provision for the 5VDC to the board? It’s impossible to estimate 5V supply current requirements from published CM3 or chip specs without hacking the I/O board for experimentation, as there’s no guidance.

Keeping things simple here, would a 5V 2A regulator suffice in the above scenario?

Thank you.

Issue resolved.

We have subjected the CM3 to extended stress tests and have established representative operating current for our particular use case.

I would suggest manufacturer guidance in this respect (in addition to GPIO leakage, etc) , as supply current budget must always be considered when integrating products to system-level designs.