CM3 IO Board Camera Recommendation (gc2053-gc2093)


I have been searching the internet/Radxa for tracking down, which camera sensor/module the CM3 IO Board was designed for. The FPC26 connector are unlike any of the RPi FPC22 or FPC15 connectors that Raspberry uses (which has the voltage rails produced on the camera module).

In the additional overlay chooses, there is the file radxa-cm3-io-dual-cameras-gc2053-gc2093.dtbo. But I have been unable find any information on the gc20xx sensors or even where to buy one (exept Aliexpress, but they dont provide any documentation)

What camera is the Radxa CM3 IO Board designed for?

Best regards Allan

Unfortunately we will have a new hardware revision of CM3 IO soon. The major change is that the camera connector is switched to Raspberry Pi style to maintain compatibility with those cameras. We will discuss what to do with existing IO boards, as we are also going to upgrade the system to Rockchip 5.10 kernel, which invalidates our previous camera work.

Great to hear. Im early in the development process.
Can you provide some kind of timeline for when the new CM3 IO board and schematics will be accessable?