CM3 I2S 8ch out?


Please are all I2S1_DO0-3 data out lines (i.e. full 8ch) available on any of the CM3 connectors?

Yes, all routed on the 3rd b2b connector:

Thanks, which pins are I2S1_SDO1 and I2S1_SDO3?

IIUC I see:

MCLK (41)
LRCK_TX (26)

LRCK_RX (29)

SDO0 (25)
SDO2 (34)

SDI0 (27)
SDI1 (45)
SDI2 (47)
SDI3 (54)

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I2S1_SDO1 is muxed with SPI3_MOSI

U13A connector

I2S1_SDO3 is muxed with I2C2_SCL

U13A connector

Jack, thanks a lot. Please can you point me to some docs where the pin muxes are described? Thank you.

Jack, please is complete I2S3 available? I cannot find I2S3_SCLK_xxx in, only LRCLK and DI/DO.

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