CM3 and CMIO Board debian log on

We are evaluating the CM3 and have it seated on the CMIO Board.
I have followed the documentation and installed RKDevTool (v2.86 ) and drivers on my windows PC.
I have installed the loader ( rk356x_spl_loader_ddr1056_v1.10.111 ) and the debian bullseye image (radxa-cm3-io-debian-bullseye-xfce4-arm64-20221101-0302-gpt ) via the RKDeevTool.
This installs OK on the CM3 hardware and I get the debian login screen via the HDMI on the CM3/CMIO.

My issue is how do I enter a login?
I plug in a USB keyboard and it does not work?
I have tried resetting power with the keyboard pluggen in.

I am new to embedded Linux development so any help will be appreciated on what I need to do or point me in the right direction for documentation to show me how.

Thanks & kind regards, Dave.

Greetings DaveVolumatic,

I had a similar problem, even when I had a keyboard / mouse installed I couldn’t get any response from either or very intermittent operation. I changed the powersupply from 12v 3a ( barrel connected) to a 400watt matx 4pin (LP4) Berg ( floppy disk ) connector) and all those problems were resolved.

I did find that some wireless ( usb ) based keyboard / mouse ( and combo’s ) simply ddin’t work on the CM3 + CM3IO board.

Alternatively you can boot from the uSD card as this has a higher boot priority over the eMMC of the CM3 - I have been using these ( test ) images here -

A big thanks to Tom for reaching out via email to help as I had been struggling with 2021 builds that… had some issues…

Anyway I hope that helps Dave… while my project won’t even use a Linux persay I was very taken by the Ubuntu Jammy KDE Plasma Desktop - normally I feel more comforatble with Debian XFC4 - but that 'Bunty KDE Build has that something - its currently sitting as my daily beater on my PI CM4 + RPIO Board and the Radxa CM3 + CM3IO board.

It feels very snappy and has ( after a few additions ) a really enjoayble desktop experience - especially with a lot of cross development work I have been working on.