Chromium Browser not starting

I have installed the Debian image on my Rock PI 4 B model. Everything is working fine. But after apt update and apt upgrade Chromium Browser is not starting any more.
How can it be repaired?


Chromium has known issue on armhf. It’s one of the reasons I built my own Debian ARM64. Either you rollback to the early version of Chromium (available in Radxa apt repo) or switch your operating system.

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Thanks O635789, I’ll try your your Debian arm64 build

If you absolutely need to stick to the 32-bit debian image, running “sudo apt-mark hold chromium” once on a fresh image should save you from the trouble. Further updates won’t upgrade the chromium package because it was put on hold.

Chromium starts ok, but gmail keeps looping back to login. I want to update/upgrade Chromium and don’t know how to do that. Request help (can’t find update in chromium)

Open it from terminal to have any output to se what is happening…maybe its a mesa error. Who knows…