Chrome OS would be great


I would like to use the RockPi as desktop replacement… Best solution would be Chrome OS. Android 7 is not optimal for this.

Is there a way to implement Chrome OS or Chromium OS on the RockPi?

Would be great!!!


In general it should be possible to compile it from Chromium OS source.
I have never done it, so for me it’s hard to say, how much work it will be, but I assume that everything should be available, because of there are already existing RK3399 devices with ChromeOS on the market.

Furthermore there was a former ChromiumOS build available, named “FlintOS”. They had already released some early builds for RK3399 devices, but this company became aquired from Neverware last year and it seems they stopped with FlintOS development.
Here’s the link to an early build (unfortunately, I found only the Chinese version):

Based on google docs, it looks let’s say doable. :smiley:

Board/driver package is also available for RK3399:

I’m not sure, if it would run out of the box, by simply compile and install it. And I think I’ve read in the past that at chromium os are some features left, compared to ChromeOS.
So maybe there must be invested some hours of thinking and a bit of development too.

FlintOS is now renamed to FydeOS. They are a Chinese team and we knew it for a while.

ChromiumOS is very interesting and it supports RK3399 well. We don’t have efforts to get it working on ROCK Pi 4. If the community can work on it, we can donate some hardwares.

To get started, you can adapt based on the tinker board overlay:

I am working on it in my spare time.
The board can boot now, but graphics does not wok as expected.
Need more time to make graphics working.


will update if any progress.


I will help to develop it. Can you share ressources and we work together on this topic?
Would be great to get chrome os running on the rock pi

Current status.
Kernel boot failure because of wifi firmware.

Assume you have followed chromium os developer guide to sync chromium os code of branch release-R74-11895.B under $HOME/chromiumos dir.

cd ~/chromiumos/src/overlay
git clone overlay-rockpi4b
cd ~/chromiumos/src/third_party/chromiumos-overlay/eclass/
git am ~/chromiumos/src/overlays/overlay-rockpi4b/patchs/0001-Add-rockpi4b-overlay.patch

Enter cros env
cd ~/chromiumos/
cros_sdk --enter

sudo mv /usr/include/libfdt_env.h /usr/include/libfdt_env.h.bak
sudo mv sudo mv /usr/include/libfdt.h /usr/include/libfdt.h.bak

You can start to to build chromium os now.
boardname: rockpi4b

@zwingler We have a wechat group “rockpi action team”, would you like to join it ?

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kernel complains
[ 82.262431] dhd_conf_read_config: Ignore config file /system/etc/firmware/config.txt
[ 82.263140] Final fw_path=/system/etc/firmware/fw_bcm43456c5_ag.bin
[ 82.263699] Final nv_path=/system/etc/firmware/nvram_ap6256.txt
[ 82.264232] Final clm_path=/system/etc/firmware/clm_bcmdhd.blob
[ 82.264765] Final conf_path=/system/etc/firmware/config.txt

I found these files from
except clm_bcmdhd.blob,
Where can I find clm_bcmdhd.blob ?

Where I can get mali GPU driver ?

Yes, would be great to join

Could Radxa allocate some resource on Chromium OS porting work?
The only remaining work is to tweak kernel to make GPU driver working.

I will try to build a firmware and check the issue.

@trulyliu ayufan has an overlay for the rockpro64

Did you mean to post that elsewhere?

That’s a spammer, baiting you to click the link.

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Ayufan also released images for ROCK Pi 4B:

@jack those are different to the builds listed in the wiki then?

Cool will have to check those out.

Technically, the RockPi4b is different only on DTS, so ChromiumOS should work as well as long as correct u-boot is put on images and boot.scr is edited on EFI.

I had to disable hdmi nodes on rockpi4b as I had some failures on them, unsure why. So, if someone could fix them, the chromiumos images that I release could be easily be re-purposed by just changing u-boot later.

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Any chance you might add RockpI4 support to the mainline?