Change boot order

There is any possibility to change the boot order?

By now the default is:

  • SD Nand -> uSD Card

And I want:

  • uSD Card -> SD Nand

Thank you!

The boot order for the rk3308 SoC is fixed as

Nand Flash -> eMMC -> SPI -> SD card -> USB 

For the ROCK Pi S design, the SD Nand is connected to eMMC, which has higher priority than SD card. So it will always boot from SD nand first. But I think we can change the boot order in the u-boot to load SD card image first.

We have updated a new image, changed the boot order in the first stage loader.

Now the boot order for ROCK Pi S is now fixed as

(If maskrom key pressed) uSD Card
(Normal)  SD Nand SPL -> uSD Card -> SD Nand

See the latest Radxa Official Ubuntu/Debian system images from